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Social Media Was the Major Witness in Chauvin Trial


Young people say that the conviction Tuesday of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin in the murder of George Floyd, an African American, is a step toward justice and social media is a tool in curbing police brutality.

年輕人說明尼阿波利斯前警官德里克·肖萬(Derek Chauvin)週二因謀殺非裔美國人喬治·弗洛伊德(George Floyd)而被定罪,是邁向正義的一步,也凸顯社交媒體是遏制警察暴行的工具。


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Social Media Was the Major Witness in Chauvin Trial
VOA News|Student Union
April 21, 2021 10:42 PM(source)

Social Media Was the Major Witness in Chauvin Trial


April 21, 2021 10:42 PM

Sudiksha Kochi

  VOA News 搶先看 

2020  年  5  月  25  日前警官德里克·肖萬(Derek Chauvin,音譯)以膝蓋壓制非裔美國人喬治·弗洛伊德(George Floyd,音譯)頸部致死之案, 因路人全程錄影上傳至社群媒體, 在網上廣泛傳播, 引發一系列反警察暴行和種族主義的抗議。此流傳的影片與社群媒體的關注在週三(編按: 2021年4月21日)肖萬審判的定罪中扮演了關鍵的角色,不僅讓許多年輕人意識到 以手機影像紀錄及網路分享的重要性,也讓他們了解到自身能成改變司法系統的推力。

Young people say that the conviction Tuesday of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin in the murder of George Floyd, an African American, is a step toward justice and social media is a tool in curbing police brutality.

"It is definitely a step towards justice," said George Mason University junior Shelby Adams. "However, young people, especially young people of color, know that this is not a complete victory and win until no one else dies or falls at the hands of police brutality. It just shows how there is so much more work left," she said.

Adams pointed to social media as having a huge impact in Chauvin's conviction.

"Without (videos), incidents like this would just happen with no one knowing," she said. "Videotaping puts a spotlight on the racism and bigotry we have in our criminal justice system that some people may not have realized before."

On May 25, 2020, Darnella Frazier, then 17, recorded the scene of Chauvin pressing his knee into the neck of a handcuffed Floyd on her smartphone camera and uploaded the video to Facebook. That video spread throughout social media and launched a series of protests over police brutality and racism.

Other bystanders also provided video showing different angles of the scene, and Chauvin's body camera also captured some footage.

The videos show a heated and confused scene in which bystanders yelled at police to stop their actions as Floyd's life ebbed away.

Frazier "had the strength and the wherewithal to share this horrendous act to the eyes of America," said College of William & Mary freshman Lasata Tuladhar. "After witnessing this, I realized that there must be so many situations involving the police like Floyd's murder that haven't been shared and brought to justice."

At a news conference, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison also mentioned the actions of passersby on the day of Floyd's death: "The people who stopped and raised their voices on May 25, 2020, were a bouquet of humanity: young and old, men and women, black and white. A man from the neighborhood walking to get a drink. A child going to buy a snack. An off-duty firefighter on her way to a community garden. Brave young women who pressed 'record' on their phones. Why did they stop?"

William & Mary sophomore Liam Fish, who is studying social justice, explained that social media allowed people to take action against police brutality and racism.

"I think that pressure on them to do something and that type of mobilization wouldn't have been made possible without social media," Fish said.

The downside, Fish said, is the emotional response to seeing images of brutality over and over. His girlfriend has said that as a Black person, she finds it overwhelming when people post graphic content such as the Floyd video, Fish added.

"I don't think people should really be sharing the video, at least not without putting a warning. Those graphics, especially to a person of color, can be really triggering," he said.

"The Chauvin trial has shown young people that they can be involved in a movement and create meaningful change," said Hollins University sophomore Claire Ross, who is on the prelaw track.

Camden Crystal, a first-year student at Cardozo School of Law in New York City, reinforces the idea that if not for social media, the case might not have received as much attention.

"This one case does not represent a solution for the issues in the police system," Crystal said. "It is entirely possible that if not for the national attention this case received, Chauvin's case would not have gone the same way, due to the power and influence of the police in criminal justice."

Language Notes

註 1: curbing 於本文為為動詞,意指控制;限制,約束;抑制

註 2: ebbed away 於本文為動詞,意指衰退;逐漸減少;衰竭

註 3: passersby 意指(尤指在不尋常之事發生時經過某處的)過路人,行人

註 4: bouquet of humanity 意指人性的花束,於本文為檢方為目睹喬治·弗洛伊德(George Floyd)逝世的多元種族和年齡的人群之稱呼

註 5: mobilization 於本文為名詞,意指組織;動員;調動

註 6: overwhelming 意指(強烈的感情)充溢,使難以承受,使不知所措


Check your comprehension!

Choose the BEST answer to each of the questions below. After you finish, highlight the parentheses to reveal the hidden answers.

1. ( C ) What is the main idea of the article?
            (A) The legislation reforms for the criminal justice system in the wake of the Chauvin Trial    
            (B) The legal precedent and crucial social changes made because of the Chauvin Trial
            (C) The role of social media in garnering attention and documentation in the Chauvin Trial  
            (D) The key witnesses and bystanders who provided key evidence for the Chauvin Trial 
2. ( B ) Why does Liam Fish think sharing footage of police brutality may have a negative effect?
            (A) He thinks the media might be trivializing the severity of police brutality cases.   
            (B) He thinks the violence might be too traumatizing to watch for people of color.  
            (C) He thinks the images might be too hurtful for family and friends of the victim.    
            (D) He thinks the footage might reveal too much information of the witnesses.
3. ( C ) What does the pronoun them in paragraph 13 refer to?
            (A) The legislative lawmakers     
            (B) The social media influencers                                 
            (C) The criminal justice system  
            (D) The videotaping bystanders                

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